Why the iOS 7 difficulties? How your mobile team should prepare.




Venturebeat wrote an article the other day about how the iOS7 was affecting major known apps like Skype and WhatsApp messenger. There is a huge amount of negative reviews surrounding the iOS7 and it has even lowered their point rating in the app store. We both know that’s not good.

So, since 200 million iOS users upgraded to the iOS7, what does this mean for mobile developers?

It means they should have prepared way in advance. Some did, some did not. I had a conversation with two mobile developers: Carlos Lopez, a Mobile Senior Developer, and Oscar De Moya, a Mobile Team Lead. Both work on the mobile development team at Koombea and talked to me about the process of transitioning iOS applications to the new iOS 7. Their tips and tricks might give you something to think about.

Communicate with the Client before it happens.

I come back to the importance of being Agile time after time. It’s a methodology that should be used in development agencies and it’s just the standard way to do things. It keeps constant communication with your team and client going. “The first thing we did with our existing iOS app clients, was to tell them about the upcoming Apple update,” says Oscar, “By letting them know that there was an update coming, it gave clients awareness and time to contact us if they had problems or needed changes.” It seems obvious that developers should know when and how to prepare with a new software release, but it’s also important for the client to be aware of that. Sometimes clients don’t anticipate how it can effect their applications. I can’t say that was the mistake Whatsapp made, but there clearly wasn’t enough time to update their app to the iOS7 100% if customers are having trouble.

Anticipate design changes

“There actually aren’t that many crisis or critical development changes that needed to be made for the iOS7 update for apps,” Carlos explained, “Most of the changes are in the User Interace design. Everything is flat, translucent, and has different animations which can change the users’ experience.” That’s where most of the changes take place for the mobile team. The thing is, is that with the iOS7, things are displayed differently so you need to fix the User Interface to accompany that change or else there can be software problems. The design teams needs to take care of that.

That’s it.

When I talked with the mobile team, they made it pretty clear that all you needed was to be ahead of the game and know exactly what is being done in the new iOS7 update. You anticipate the challenges and make sure your client knows to prevent any future complications. Sounds like an easy lesson, it is, but not everyone is on top of things, which is why you, as a development agency, take responsibility to make sure problems don’t happen, and if they do, know how to fix them. 

Author: keswanberg

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