If the USA were Agile…



Agile teaches us how to run better companies. What about running better governments? If the USA were Agile, processes would be a lot different, maybe even better. You care about your country. If only it could think the way a development agency does…hmm…

What if the USA were Agile?  

There would be clear communication & transparency between the House and the Senate.

Imagine understanding what someone else says. Sounds too good to be true, right? By being transparent with one another, both the House and Senate would be on the same page. This decreases questions, concerns, and the dreaded fear of the unknown.

No more I in TEAM! 

You know how some people think that they are more important than others? For no reason at all? Yeah, now that shouldn’t be the case. When the government shutdown happened, everyone wondered why one person thought he was better than the others. If the USA were Agile, everyone would be self-organizing with no overall team leader who decides which person will do which task or how a problem will be solved. 

Everything is tested first. 

Bills would be thoroughly tested before they are integrated. It’s like the Scientific Method has gone political! Adapting this Agile methodology just seems to make simple sense.

Two become one. 

Differentiating parties of Republicans and Democrats would realize they need one another to survive and thrive as a country. Yes they might fight sometimes or disagree with one another. But if it weren’t for one another where would the competitive challenge be for the betterment of our country?

Things would be done on time.  

Things would get done efficiently and on deadline within 1 month. (Unlike the governmental shut down.) Keeping your word and having a hard deadline is what makes projects get done. We were taught this early on in life, weren’t we?

You’d get feedback.

Feedback of the Bill’s performance would be provided to influence the next sprint (or Bill). Talking to each other and saying, “hey there, this is what you did wrong, I have an idea to fix it,” sounds old school, but talking and listening is what lips and ears were made for.

and eventually…

… after hundreds of years of the Agile process, there could hypothetically be World Peace. (More research and scientific data is needed.)

Author: @keswanberg