Invoicing is screwed up…


Is it fair to say that we all dread invoicing? Is there a reason why? Maybe because it’s not fun at all, or maybe it’s because every time you invoice, your client ignores you for a long time. It’s annoying really, that feeling of being an agile agency and not getting paid on time. You do that tedious task of invoicing and they just get overlooked. Here’s a few reasons why invoicing is totally screwed up:


@marcoarment, creator of @Instapaper tweeted, “Which is more widely ignored: banner ads or invoice due dates?” Tough question to answer, huh? Banner ads can be visually annoying. They sit there on your screen, looking so desperate saying, “Click HERE!” Sometimes you do, most times you don’t. If you’re a creative agency, you know how frustrating it is to not get paid on time. You send that invoice and yet that due date is ignored to 2 weeks past. 

Well this above tweet shows the sarcasm of invoicing. It basically sounds like a dreaded chore doesn’t it? I mean I know some people that love to clean, but wow invoicing, reading, and cleaning? That sounds like so much fun….

Oh the nostalgia, being young and having little to no responsibilities. Everything was taken care of by your superiors while you got to run around and play in the sandbox. This is screwed up. The first think you think of when you think of invoicing is that time back when you didn’t have to do it? So very sad.

And finally, your client pays that invoice, and everything around you feels like heaven on earth. The client listened to you. Maybe he or she even cares about you! This might just be the most glorious feeling you have had in ages. Go ahead, get a Starbucks Frappuccino for lunch, you deserve it. Also, be sure to hang onto that client, he rocks.

Author: @keswanberg