4 Focus foods for productivity and concentration



Every agency wants to be at their best. What you consume affects your performance. This is why it is important to be fit and healthy. Sound like a broken record? It is. You hear it everywhere, “it´s so important to eat right and work out.” Maybe the reason you hear it so much is because it is the truth.

You sit at a desk for 8-10 hours a day. For some, the most exercise they get is walking over to tell their engineering team that there is a bug in an application. Did you stretch before you made that long marathon from cubicle to cubicle? I sound harsh. It’s a harsh reality.

Common observations of excuses from an agency:

  • There are bigger things to worry about than my health.
  • I need to finish my 9 hours of coding before I can even think about my health. Pass me the Doritos.
  • Super smash brothers and coke.
  • Amazon shopping and coke.

Your habits aren’t terrible now, but can be later. For many reasons (mostly mass media advertising), Coca Cola is consumed by designers, developers, and CEOs. You see it everywhere. POP! A horrible mistake of sugar, calories, and cholesterol. Simply replacing and putting water into your diet actually gives you energy and electrolytes. Or drink some sugar free options. This brings us to the first on our list:

Green Tea

If you stop cold turkey with the Coca Cola, you are going to go through caffeine withdrawal. Just kidding. But you will notice a difference. Use green tea to give you that boost of energy. Yeah it’s not bubbly or cold, but if you give it a chance you might actually like it. 0 calories and there are plenty of antioxidants- 150 milligrams if it’s home brewed (fitnessmagazine.com).


These are present pretty much everywhere around the world. So if you’re reading this blog from Indonesia, (which we know you are), you can find an avocado. With 15 grams of heart-healthy unsaturated fats, avocados can actually help the brain to function which in return helps you concentrate (webmd.com). Honestly just google avocado and you will find why it’s such a super food. It has almost everything you need for survival.


Not technically a food, but this “food” has had so many weird studies it’s ridiculous. Chomping on gum can inmprove your alertness by 10% (dailymail.co.uk). A 2011 study found that people who chewed gum during a stressful task were more alert afterwards than when they did the task without gum. Just don’t be chewing on it around your clients, choose a mint if you’re worried about your breath.


Whether blueberries, or strawberries, berries are a preventative food for focus. In a study involving older adults (with an average age of 76 years), 12 weeks of daily blueberry consumption was enough to improve scores on two different tests of cognitive function including memory (Whfoods.com). Blueberries specifically slow down cognitive problems and can improve your memory.


Small rules to live by for a more focused you:

  • But, but you’re on your lunch break, and you deserve that ice cream! Ok go for it, but only once a week. Indulging feels nice time to time. Do it all the time and you’ll be filled with regret.
  • Instead of sugary beverages, drink water, tea, or coffee (without sugar or cream). This will make a huge impact.
  • Yoga or mediation. Listen to Reiki healing music or zen meditation. Close your eyes and listen. Forget about all of your worries for about 10 minutes. Seriously, you focus so hard, forgetting about your daily duties is good for your brain, as long as you can get them back.