What is Agile Invoicing? An Agile methodology




Your software development methods are Agile, what about your finances? Agile invoicing gets you paid faster and keeps the money flowing.

Who is it for?

Agile invoicing is for digital creative, engineering, and design teams.  It shines in the small to medium sized agency evironment.  It’s best for companies already using Freshbooks, Mint, Invision, Basecamp, Paypal, and Braintree.

More details

The website and mobile application are all ready for flight. The client approved it a month ago and has been testing it ever since. You delivered them on spec and on time. You did everything right, but wait, where’s the money? 

If you are a small agency, the biggest problem that you have is getting paid on time. Usually your clients fall into one of these 4 categories: those who pay on time, those who pay late, those who pay in chunks, and those who don’t pay at all. Traditional invoicing methods don’t necessarily get you paid the fastest way. That’s where you can use agile invoicing.  Agile means fast. Agile is the way your agency should be run.

Spending days and days at a time on people who don´t pay is a waste of your energy.  Wasting energy drains your business and your finances.  This is a huge red flag. It’s actually more like neon strobe lights being flashed in your face. While that sounds like a fun party, losing money is not a joke.  Agile invoicing helps you get a hold of you finances, freeing you to do the work that matters.  Because you deserve to get paid on your terms.

Why can’t the agency business operate like more traditional companies? Imagine going to the grocery store and trying to send in a check… 4 weeks after the transaction.  How absurd does that sound? Same applies for your agency.  It’s time to get paid for the work when you do it. Not weeks and months later.  Cash flow is king in the agency business. Agile invoicing helps your tame your cash to run a happy and health agency.